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Hello friends!

My name is Wayne McMurtry, and I haven’t had a job in over 25 years.

I can still remember my first day in the concession business. I remember the rush of serving my customers and the joy that I felt when building relationships with other vendors. Since that day, over 25 years ago, I’ve enjoyed my business so much that it doesn’t feel like I’m going to work.

And for that I’m grateful.

I’m also grateful for all the people who come together to make Concession Mall possible. My wife, Tammy, helps me run our concession stand, along with two to twenty other employees who join us at various events. Our business, Concession Mall, wouldn’t be where it is today without her hard work, support, and the joy she has brought to this experience.

When I first had the idea to design a new dispenser, my friend Lee worked tirelessly with me on countless designs until we perfected it. The design that he helped me create then, is the exact same, dependable design that we still use today.

Then when I realized we needed a way to both protect our dispensers during travel and keep the beverages cold, my good friend Kevin helped me design our custom-made insulators. With his expertise in manufacturing high quality tents and awnings, he came up with a sleek design that includes our unique removable cover design.

At Concession Mall, our business isn’t in selling beverage dispensers. Our business is to help you find the same joy and freedom we have found in the world of concessions.

Remember, when life gives you lemons, it’s time to sell some lemonade!

Warmest regards,

Wayne McMurtry

Founder and Owner, Concession Mall